Sunday, February 8, 2009

What exactly is PFLAG?

Hello to all...

I just got off the phone with Julie Thompson, Regional Director of PFLAG. She just came in from New York where PFLAG recently held a conference. One of the things Julie and I spoke of was the misconception of the acronym PFLAG.

While in New York, both Julie and Executive Director of PFLAG National, Jody Huckaby, praised Lafayette. According to them, we were one of the highlights of the conference. Brooke Smith (Regional Coordinator), Jody, and Julie said they were so moved, excited, and surprised by our first meeting. They never realized how huge it was going to be in Acadiana and never expected such a large turn out. They hope the advocacy in our area continues to grow and we attain the goal for equality.

At one time PFLAG was a place for moms and dads along with family members to come and help cope with the fact that their son or daughter is gay. We still hold that purpose, though since then PFLAG has evolved into so much more. PFLAG is about advocacy, awareness, outreach, and education. PFLAG is dedicated to the FIGHT for equality for the LGBT community and if you share in this goal then you belong as a member of PFLAG.

Julie told me that at this conference they honored so many people for their support and advocacy. One of the people honored was Maya Angelou. She said Maya was too frail to get up on stage to receive her award so they brought it to the table in which she was sitting. She received a standing ovation and when it finally became quite she began to sing "This Little Light of Mine" and she reminded people why the Civil Rights Movement was so successful, it was due to the many allies they had attained. Julie said she had chills running up and down her spine.

The point is that until the LGBT community receives heightened support from its many straight allies, we will get nowhere. The Civil Rights Movement advanced in success when allies were very adamant about the much-needed change in society. On the other side of the spectrum, members of the LGBT community will get nowhere if we stay quiet. We must strive for equality and never give up. PFLAG Acadiana is a stepping stone in our area for this.

With that said, if you truly believe in equality for yourself as a member of the LGBT community or if you're heterosexual and believe in the cause, you should become a member of PFLAG. I challenge you to attend meetings to find out what this organization is about. Become a part of history right here in Acadiana. To sit there and do nothing means you will receive nothing.

Let's get out there and touch lives for a change!

We must collaborate for equality!
Hope to see you all at the next meeting
Wednesday, February 18, 7:00 PM
ULL Campus, Fletcher Hall, Room 315.
This is NOT the same venue as the last meeting.
Bring as many friends and family as possible.
Unfamiliar with ULL Campus? See this following link:
Google Map Location:

-Joey Collins

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  1. Hello, how nice to find this in Lafayette.
    This post says next meeting Wed Feb 18th.....should this read Wed Feb 17th?
    Also, the new Element magazine says it's in Room 315 at GRIFFIN Hall, not Fletcher?
    Is this still yet to be decided?
    See you there, wherever it is.
    -Roger Drake